Grilling. Bird watching. Shopping. Whatever you do in your free time, there's an app for that. Here's a look at nine intriguing options to help you recharge.

All work and no play can make you a very dull girl or boy. That's where cool hobbies come in.

Fun pastimes can recharge our weary work batteries. Thankfully, the iPhone is the ultimate tool for balancing work and life and can help us get the most out of fleeting downtime.

It all started with the iconic iPod. Music lovers figured out that songs offer temporary respite from job stress. Here's a round up of apps that make the iPhone more life and less work.

Confessions of a golf addict

Ironically, when stressed at work, many execs grab a bag of heavy iron clubs and head out to play the most stressful game in the world.

Golfshot GPS can make the round a little easier by providing yardage distances, identifying parts of your game that need improvement, and tracking your score, stats and drives.

This £17.99 app has only a few downsides, such as battery drain. If golf is your game, this app can make the round more enjoyable.

A classic hobby: reading

A Masterpiece Collection is your virtual iPhone book shelf.

For only $1 (59P), US users get dozens of great classic novels, from The Call of the Wild to A Tale of Two Cities to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Sadly it's not available to UK users yet.

The iPhone is fast emerging as a powerful e-reader with many apps available, such as Stanza and Barnes & Noble eReader.

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