More than three quarters of smartphone owners will be checking their handsets over Christmas, says Rightmobilephone.

Research by the mobile phone comparison website revealed that of those that said they would monitor their emails via their handset over the festive period, two third said they would check their phone twice a day.

Furthermore, 45 percent said they would be checking their phone in case a problem crops up, while a quarter said checking their handset was an unbreakable habit and 11 percent admitted they would do it to impress their boss.

Rightmobilephone also said just under half of Brits except their smartphone use on Christmas Day will cause a row, while 58 percent said they'd be taking their phone charger wherever they go.

"Checking emails is a hard habit to break, especially in the case of the Blackberry when that flashing red light catches your eye," said Neil McHugh, co-founder of Rightmobilephone.

"I know how difficult it can be to switch off from work when you have a constant reminder in your pocket or bag all day, but for one day of the year at least, people should be able to switch off."

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