Nearly two thirds of Brits don't know how much it costs to use their mobile phone abroad, says Acision.

Research by the messaging firm revealed that three quarters of handset owners think they are over-charged when using their phone abroad. As a result only 12 percent use their phone abroad as much as they do at home.

Acision said that 54 percent of holiday makers do want to stay in touch with friends and family at home, while 35 percent would like to use their mobile to take photos and send them home via MMS. Forty-two percent of Brits claimed they would use their mobile more abroad if they could set a limit on spending.

The research also revealed that 67 percent of Brits would be tempted to use their handset abroad if pre-pay bundles of minutes and texts home were available from their operator, while 30 percent would purchase bundles that allowed they to stay in touch with fellow travellers.

Just over one in ten handset owners also said they would buy data packages to surf the web while abroad, with 22 percent specifically using their phone for social networking.

"The EU roaming legislation, which came into force today, is a step in the right direction, but for a growing percentage of consumers, this isn't going far enough, as they want to access data services such as mobile internet and social networking applications just like they do at home, and this remains costly," explained Mike Beech, vice president, product management, Acision

"Our research reveals that consumers would be put at ease and would actually use their mobile phone more when abroad if they were able to view their real-time spending."