Nearly two thirds of Brits (60 percent) have no plans to recycle their old mobile phones, says

Research by the comparison websites revealed that on average Brits have two old mobile phones lying around the house that they don't use.

Furthermore, there are currently an estimated 75 million handsets in the UK, and says seven percent of these, 5.25 million, will end up in landfill sites.

One in 12 Brits say they can't be bothered to recycle their old handsets while 13 percent admitted they didn't know recycling services were available for mobile phones.

James Parker, manager of mobiles at, said; "People are constantly craving the latest gadget. This need to have the best and newest mobile phone on the market has resulted in many people accumulating spare handsets".

"If people recycle these surplus handsets, not only will they be doing their bit for the environment but they can also make a few pounds."

Parker said the 5.25 million handsets that have been thrown away are worth around £150m.

With this in mind, the comparison website, in conjunction with mobile phone recycling service, is making next week National Recycle Your Phone Week.

"Our first National Recycle Your Phone Week was a great success and in partnership with has paid out almost £1,000,000 and saved tens of thousands of phones from landfill in just one year," said Parker.

"We hope this year's awareness week will continue to encourage people to recycle old phones - for the benefit of the environment as well as gaining a bit of extra cash."

To recycle your mobile phone visit's dedicated website.

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