Last week we hosted a poll on our website to find out what our readers thought the most important mobile platform would be in the future. After a week of polling and 863 votes, nearly half (49 percent) of all poll respondents thought that Google Android would be the most important mobile platform of the future.

Interestingly just under a fifth (19 percent) of voters thought that Apple's iOS platform would be the ruling mobile superpower. This lines up nearly exactly with Apple's share of smartphone sales (18%), suggestiong brand loyalty may have come into play here. Source: Garter, Q2 2011.

Another intriguing result of our poll was the surprise support Windows Phones received, gaining 17 percent of the vote, despite only winning 2 percent of the smartphone sales market in 2011 and being pretty much non-existent in the tablet world.

The public's low opinion of BlackBerry's future was echoed in our poll too, with RIM's mobile platform receiving only three percent of the vote. It seems no notice has been taken of RIM's recent press offensive where they shouted from the rooftops that BlackBerry was in fact the best selling smartphone in the UK accounting for 27.7 percent of the market.

The poll also predicted woeful futures for the Symbian OS, which seems to be dying a death and only managed to instal optimism in two percent of poll participants. A further two percent thought another mobile platform would be the most important in future. Whereas seven percent didn't know who would be the future's most important mobile player.

As ever our forum was alive with enthusiastic debate. Forum user bjh took the view that Android would be number one by the end of the year, but wasn't sure who'd be the big hitter in five years time. ams4127 opinion held a lot more conviction stating "Android, closely followed by Win8 mobile. Apple is a niche market and will never dominate (but I love my iPad!!)". dms_05 echoed the view that Android would be the dominant force citing global economical gaps as to why "Apple will be the most profitable but Android will dominate world-wide. Why? Only rich Westerners can afford Apple products and an equivalent data plan (for a iPhone) in India or China is a complete years salary to an average guy."

See the full results of the poll here.