Over a third of Brits would prefer a mobile phone that's just used for calling and texting over a smartphone, says Moneysupermarket.com.

Research by the price comparison website has revealed that just 18 percent of handset owners say they want their phone to contain the latest technology, although when it comes to the under 20's nearly half (42 percent) make purchasing a handset with the latest technology a priority.

James Parker, manager of mobiles at moneysupermarket.com, said: "This survey just goes to show a large number of people don't want the all singing, all dancing smartphones. For a lot of people, simplicity is key".

33% of Brits don't want a smartphone like Apple's iPhone

The research also revealed that 25 percent of handset owners have had a problem with their mobile phone in the last year. LG phones came off the worst, with 34 percent of owners saying they had at least one issue with their phone in the past 12 months. Sony Ericsson and Samsung were the next most problematic handsets with 33 and 25 percent of owners respectively revealing they had a problem with their phone.

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"Mobiles have come along way since the 'battery in a suitcase' days, but it seems more features mean more problems," added Parker.

Moneysupermarket.com then went on to 'classify' owners of different brands. According to the comparison website, Nokia owners are 'handset simpletons' while those with Samsung mobile phones are 'snap-happy photo geeks'. If you own an LG handset, then Moneysupermarket.com says you are a 'tech boffin', while those that purchase Sony Ericsson phones are music nerds.

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