Nearly 30 percent of Brits have admitted to surfing the web from their mobile phone was using the loo, says Yahoo.

Research by the company also highlighted that 21 percent of us browse the mobile web at the dinner table, 11 percent do so during business meetings and seven percent have even gone online while at a wedding.

When it comes to the content being viewed online from mobile phones, 20 percent of men admitted it was football scores they wanted to get their hands on. Women, on the other hand, used their mobile phone to find lottery results and reality TV updates.

Charles Sword, director of Yahoo Mobile Europe, said: "This study reveals just how addicted the great British public is to getting information wherever they are. Today's findings reinforce the importance of delivering mobile users with relevant information quickly and easily".

Yahoo's research comes at the same time at Credant Technologies revealed that over a quarter of Brits take their laptop or smartphone to bed so they can work, while four percent confessed the last thing they did before going to sleep was checking their emails, rather than kissing their partner good night.