Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft's Windows Phone division, made a cameo appearance at Nokia's Mobile World Congress 2012 press conference Monday, where Nokia announced a mid-priced Windows Phone, the Lumia 610. Myerson briefly talked about the new beta release of Skype for Windows Phone, about the fact that there are now 65,000 apps for the platform, and that handsets with the OS are now available in China and 27 other markets. He also discussed how Microsoft has lowered the system requirements for handsets, to create a broader range of lower prices.

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PERSONNEL: Microsoft makes changes at top of Windows Phone group

Afterward, I asked Myerson to stick around for three questions. He looked to a Microsoft PR staffer, who reluctantly nodded his head.

Network World: Do you have numbers on Windows Phone global sales after 16 months?

[Microsoft PR rep, standing next to Myerson, shakes his head]

Myerson: I don't think we talk about those numbers.

Network World: There have been a number of high-profile departure from the Windows Phone team, leading to speculation that there's turmoil or disaffection or disappointment. What's going on?

[Microsoft PR rep, standing next to Myerson, looks sour]

Myerson: Well, there was a change of leadership. And that leads to changes. I think things are going great.

Network World: What can you say about your development priorities for Windows Phone in 2012?

[Microsoft PR rep, standing next to Myerson, shakes his head]

Myerson: We haven't said anything about our 2012 directions.

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