Over a quarter of Brits have admitted they take their laptop or smartphone to bed so they can work in bed, says Credant Technologies.

The research also revealed that of those that do work in bed, over half claim they do so for between two and six hours every week. Unsurprisingly, 57 percent also said their partners found it "a very annoying habit".

Eight percent also confessed to spending more time on their mobile devices during the evening than talking to their partners and 4 percent said checking email was the last thing they did before going to sleep.

More than half of the workers said they were routinely uploading and downloading sensitive corporate information to their mobile device while in bed, and 20 percent a admitted their network was not secure as they tapped away answering email and other tasks.

"If you're not feeling sleepy, your laptop is the last thing you should be turning to," warned Credant Technologies.