With new models on show at CeBIT, it looks like Asus' Eee PC is set to continue to be a runaway success. The long-rumoured Windows XP version finally made an appearance at the Hannover trade show, making the Eee PC an even more attractive purchase for those who want a tiny ultraportable, but are wary of Linux.

The only potential stumbling block was the price: how much would the addition of XP add to the cost of the original Eee PC, which is available for £220? Well, not much, according to Asus partner RM.

RM sells the system to the education market, and is now listing the Windows-based RM Asus Minibook on its site for £256. It will be available from April 28, according to the site.

However, RM states that "all prices shown are subject to VAT & delivery unless stated and are on an 'available to education only' basis". Precise details of the availability of the new consumer versions have yet to be announced.