California-based memory-maker Super Talent will soon begin commercial sales of a 256GB solid-state disk (SSD) drive for laptops.

The new drive from Super Talent is the same size as a 12.5mm-thick 2.5in laptop drive - that's thicker than most common laptop drives, which are 9.5mm high, but the same size as some of the larger capacity drives currently on the market. Compared to other 256GB SSDs on the market the Super Talent drive is thinner.

It has a SATA-I interface so can be easily changed with a conventional disk drive without any special work. Access time is 0.1 milliseconds, maximum sequential read speed is 65MB per second and write speed is 50MB per second.

Super Talent is already shipping samples of the drive to customers and plans to begin volume shipments in late April.
SSDs are an emerging class of storage device that are typically drop-in replacements for hard-disk drives but store data on flash memory chips rather than a rotating magnetic disk. The use of memory chips means the drives are more sturdy and brings a big performance boost. However, the per-byte storage cost is also much higher, so at present they're largely confined to niche applications..

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