Asus has revealed that it failed to hit its target for Eee PC shipments in the first six months of 2008, with shortages of Intel's new Atom processor being blamed for the shortfall.

The mini-laptop maker shipped 1.7m Eee PCs during the first half of the year, 300,000 less than it hoped. However, the company still hopes to ship 5m units this year, according to Digitimes.

Scott Lin, president of Acer Taiwan, also remains bullish about the product category. He said his company expects its new Aspire One mini-laptop to sell 5 – 7 million units this year, targeting 15,000 shipments per day once the Windows XP version of the product is released later this month.

The Eee PC was launched just over a year ago at Computex 2007, and quickly became a hit with technology fans due to its low price and small form factor. The success of the original model has inspired Asus to release larger format versions, while Acer has joined the likes of HP in launching competitors in various countries.

UK manufacturers including Elonex and PC World have also released models in recent months.