There’s no hiding from the fact that computers and all their associated devices use the planet’s resources. However, more and more companies are striving to reduce the damage their products can make during production and their working life. You too can make some simple changes to reduce your impact on the environment.

These environmentally friendly changes can be incredibly simple to make. Making sure that your laptop and all your devices are turned off when you’re not using them will save electricity. Many printers have an economy mode too that will use less toner and therefore reduce waste.

Once your computer equipment has outlived its usefulness it can be difficult to know what to do with it. Simply throwing it in the bin so that ends up in landfill isn’t great. Thankfully most of the major manufacturers have recycling schemes that allow you to send your old equipment to them for free so that they will handle the recycling.

For example, Dell will collect any old equipment, no matter who made it and best of all completely for free. They’ll even send a courier to your house to collect it, all you have to do is make sure that it’s packaged up appropriately and within a couple of days they’ll let you know when they can collect it. Dell also does a direct recycling programme for printer consumables. Whenever you buy new toner or ink for your printer you can return the empties for proper disposal.

Going green is really quite easy and with just a few simple changes to how you work you can make a real impact. With recycling programmes from the likes of Dell you can also help do your bit for the planet.

More details of Dell's recycling programmes are here.

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