We announce the 2013 winners of our Reader Awards.

Best Specialist Online IT Retailer: Misco

PC Advisor readers have has given the Best Specialist Online IT Retailer award for 2013 to Misco.

It was a close-run thing, but Misco just edged out Laptops Direct as our Best Specialist Online IT Retailer. Misco has been around for more than 25 years and offers a portfolio in excess of 30,000 competitively priced products, including laptops, desktops, tablets, printers and more. It seems to be a winning combination, as the readers of PC Advisor voted Misco as their number-one Specialist Online IT Retailer of 2013.


Best Online Retailer: Play.com

Our readers' favourite online store is entertainment reseller Play.com, which saw off the likes of Amazon, Argos and John Lewis in our reader awards. Both a direct reseller and host of a merchant market, Play offers access to a wide range of products in multiple countries. It seems to be a combination that works for PC Advisor readers, as Play.com wins our 2013 reader award as Best Online Retailer.


Best Laptop Brand: Apple

One category that was in no way close was the Best Laptop Brand reader award. Indeed, only the combined votes for Dell and the Dell-owned Alienware were even in the same ballpark as our overall winner Apple. The Mac-maker simply makes great laptops – not cheap, but blessed with incredible build quality and excellent performance and features. Apple laptops are a class above in terms of quality – something recognised by the readers of PC Advisor.


Best Desktop PC Brand: Alienware

The gamers have spoken. Dell's gaming sub-brand Alienware garnered sufficient votes to see off the challenge of other tier-one PC makers such as Lenovo and Dell itself. Alienware makes gaming PCs of a quality above all other specialised gaming PC brands, garnering firm support from the gamers in PC Advisor's readership. That makes Alienware the clear winner of our reader award for Best Desktop PC Brand 2013.


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