An engineer that stole passwords and photos from laptops he was meant to be repairing has been sentenced to nine months in jail.

Following a tip-off Sky reporters asked Grzegorz Zachodni, from Laptop Revival in Hammersmith, to take a look at a machine with a supposed memory fault in March 2009.

The machine included software to monitor which files were being accessed and a webcam to capture the 30-year old in the act.

The software and webcam footage revealed that Zachodni spent 20 minutes accessing content store on the machine, including photos of the owner in a bikini, from a file marked private.

He also accessed her login details for online accounts including Facebook and eBay and well as her internet banking passwords. He subsequently attempted to access her online bank account on six separate occasions.

Sky passed the details onto the Met Police who charged Zachodni with attempted fraud.

According to Sky News, the Judge on the case told Zachodni: "You were, in every sense of the words, caught red-handed by this operation."

"There is a need to deter others in your position from abusing the trust placed in them."

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