Almost a quarter (24.1 percent) of laptop owners plan to use their machine in the garden this summer, according to a PC Advisor poll.

Asked 'Will you use your laptop in the garden this summer?', 19.7 percent ticked yes. This represented 24.1 percent of laptop owners after taking into account the 18.4 percent who answered that they don't own a notebook.

Forum members Midgetninja and WhiteTruckMan reported that they were responding to the poll from their gardens, while retep888 noted that using a MacBook in the garden is "the perfect chance to dodge the long promised DIY job".

The most popular reason for those who don't plan to take their laptop outside was that 'the screen's no good in sunlight', which was ticked by 33.1 percent.

"I end up carrying the laptop indoors to actually see the screen," commented babybell.

mr simon agreed. "Very few laptops have screens that work well in bright sunlight, and mine is not one of them, so no," he wrote.

A further 8.9 percent cited battery problems; 5.4 percent plan to use a smartphone instead; 4.3 percent blame connectivity problems; and 2.6 percent of respondents selected 'No - worried about wireless security'.

The final 7.4 percent responded that they haven't got a garden.

Based on 537 votes, 14 July 2010.

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