OCZ, maker of high-performance memory and other PC components, has hit on a great idea: a build-it-yourself laptop that comes with full warranty support. The 15.4in screen laptop is based around an Intel Centrino 2 processor and is designed to offer "enthusiasts and gamers incredible options to perfect their own mobile powerhouse".

The spec-it-yourself laptop can support high-end components including the Intel Core 2 Extreme - a processor aimed at overclockers. The laptop has onboard graphics handled by an ATI Radeon HD3650 chip, compatible with DirectX 10.1 gaming. Other component choices are then up to the customer.

OCZ DIY gaming laptop

OCZ product management director Ryan Edwards explained the thinking behind the DIY laptop thus. "End users have complete control of the cost/ performance ratio of key components".

Customers can select from a "validated component list" depending on whether their needs are for raw processing power, extreme gaming or entertainment.

OCZ provides a step-by-step manual with its DIY laptop packages.

OCZ also reasons that a complete the build yourself laptop will appeal to the cost-conscious. Details at the OCZ website suggest a lower-than-standard overall cost since customers receive a semi-built machine that they then complete in line with the instructions provided, saving OCZ the cost of paying someone to complete the custom build before shipping it.

The DIY laptop OCZ has announced today is based around an Intel processor and ATI graphics controller, but other versions are also available.