Asus has launched a new version of its hugely popular Eee PC netbook, which features an 8.9in touchscreen that swivels and folds down to create a tablet PC.

The T91, is similar to the M912 netbook Gigabyte Technology launched earlier this year, which also boasts an 8.9in touchscreen that swivels.

Both laptops run Microsoft's Windows XP OS, have Intel Atom microprocessors inside, and have the same size swivel touchscreens.

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The M912 differs slightly in using a more powerful 1.6GHz Intel Atom microprocessor, while the Eee PC T91 carries a 1.33GHz Atom that has slightly better power savings and includes support for a few technologies such as Intel Virtualisation.

In the T91, Asus goes a step further on the software side to make touch navigation a little easier.

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The company developed its own touch mode software at research and development centres in Taiwan and China, said Jonney Shih, chairman of Asustek.

The T91 also comes with a TV tuner so people can watch their favourite shows on the road, and GPS technology to transform the netbook into a navigation device.

Shih said the Eee PC T91 will be on the market within the next three to six months. Pricing information was not immediately available.


The Asus Eee T91 has an 8.9in touchscreen that swivels and folds flat

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