When you first get a laptop it can seem inconceivable that you might fill up all that empty space on your hard disk. However, it very quickly disappears. Keeping all your video, music and documents stored safely is easy though as there are plenty of options to expand the storage space you have available.

The easiest storage upgrade by far is through a USB flash drive. These flash drives simply plug into the USB port of your laptop and have the benefit of being incredibly fast. The downside is that these disks tend to be fairly small, but they are cheap.

You can, of course, upgrade the internal hard disk in your laptop to give you more space on the go, remember that you’ll need to pick the right type of disk for your computer and have some method of copying all your data across.

If that sounds a bit too much then you can also invest in an external disk drive to expand your storage space. Nowadays even really large disks can come in a portable format meaning that you don’t have to add too much bulk and still take everything with you.

Of course, a more traditional full-size desktop hard disk is less portable, but you’ll get larger sizes and importantly they’ll be speedier too.

For more advanced users you could invest in a hard disk that you can connect to a network called a NAS drive. You hook up the NAS drive to your network and any computer you have can connect to it from just about anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Traditional discs are still available of course, and all laptops will come with a DVD writer at the very least. Blu-ray is an option too and offers more storage space than DVDs.

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