Laptops A female blogger has laid into the latest Dell TV ad, calling it "patronising" and "disappointing" and dreamt up by "a group of middle aged balding [we presume she means men] in marketing".

"Lady Geek" aka Belinda Parmar lays into the advert promoting Dell's pink laptops on marketing website Brand Republic: "Its (sic) official. Ladies, get your pink handbags out. The new ad from PC World and Dell is officially the most patronising ever."

The co-branded Dell/PC World ad starts: "My world is fashion. I just have to colour co-ordinate everything. Even my laptop. That's why I love the new Dell laptop."

"Pass me the barf bag," says Lady Geek. "It just gets worse. 'Should I get pink to match my shoes'".

"This is an example of two companies who have money to waste. Two companies who have no idea of how to talk to women and, most importantly, no idea of the role that technology plays in a women's life," she continues.

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Lady Geek is disappointed that Dell hadn't learnt from its recent Della 'for women' website, which she says "seems to have such bad press that they have renamed it" - especially as she thinks the Dell Inspiron and 10 are "fantastic pieces of kit".

"None of the professional women I know (which is where the biggest financial opportunity is) would be seen dead with a pink laptop. For most women over the age of 12, pink is definitely not their world. And even more offensive is not the colour, but the positioning.

"The women I speak to love technology. The creativity and human interaction it adds to their life. Not because it matches their shoes," she rants.

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"Brands like Dell and PC world are too short sighted to see the opportunity that we represent," she concludes.

Comments on the blog are split. Mark Griffiths says "The market is girls and young 20-somethings who are still into pretty pink. Ever been to Japan? Everything other gadget is pink."

Gordon Macmillan comments: "I thought only six year old girls, and Katie Price live in a world of pink. Even at home a pink laptop? I mean really I don't see it."

What do you think? Are the Dell ads patronising to women or are all us giggly ladies really a sucker for anything pink? Add your own comments below...