Further to PC Advisor's report earlier this week that Dell intended to launch a "high-spec mobile workstation", the PC manufacturer has announced the arrivial of the Precision M6400 laptop.

Dell said the 17in Precision M6400 is available with a choice of processor. Users can pick between an Intel Core2 Duo, the Core2 Duo Extreme Edition and the Core2 Duo Quad Core Extreme Edition processor as well as four memory slots offering up to 16GB of RAM, 1GB of dedicated professional memory and support for one or two hard drives up to 500GB. There is also the option to swap hard disk drives for a 128GB SSD (solid state disk).

Running Windows Vista, the Precision M6400 features in anodised aluminium chasis, and will also include Wi-Fi and an eight-in-one card reader. Optional extras include finger print and smart card readers as well as an edge-to-edge glass screen, 2Mp webcam and speakers. Priced at £1,479, the Precision M400 is available now.

Dell is also launching an M6400 model in its Covet range of laptops. No specifications have been released for the laptop yet, which will be available in anodised aluminium or vibrant orange. Dell said the M400 Covert would be available by the end of the year.

The Dell Precision M6400 is a 17in "high-spec mobile workstation"

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