With more and more of us watching TV and movies at the computer these days the quality of the overall experience is becoming really important. High-definition screens and HDMI cables mean that the images we see are better than ever, however audio still has some way to go before it catches up.

The AX510 Soundbar aims to beef up the audio quality giving you better sound from your monitor. Watching DVDs, listening to your music collection or playing games - it makes no difference what you’re up to, the Soundbar will help make the experience better. Even if it’s for more professional scenarios like presentations or video conferencing the Soundbar can add another level of quality to the experience.

Compatible with Dell UltraSharp or Professional series monitors there’s no need to use an extra power source. This means the design fits perfectly with the screen and there’s no need to have a load of cables trailing off your desk. Simply clip the AX510 to the bottom of your flat panel monitor and you’re ready to go. The 10 watts power is enough to add some oomph to the audio and work well if you’re sat directly in front of the screen or taking a more relaxed view from the comfort of your sofa. There are a couple of headphone sockets on the side of the Soundbar so you can plug-in and listen discreetly when you feel like it.

If you have a Dell monitor the Soundbar is the perfect accessory for it. Not only is it designed to compliment the monitor design perfectly with the improved audio it adds another dimension to the screen. At just £35 the AX510 is something of a bargain to boot.

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