Note to Father Christmas: I realise that your big day is a ways off, but I am going to be a good boy, and I do want an Asus Eee PC. One with an 8in screen and Windows XP please.

And not just me. Attending a press launch for an unrelated product here at CeBIT yesterday morning, I couldn't help but notice that at least a couple of the cream of the UK IT press corps (curdled cream at the time) were toting Asus' tiny and inexpensive Linux-based (ultra) ultraportable - but not (yet) the new versions.

As we report elsewhere, the Asus Eee PC will now come with a larger screen, and is available with Windows XP installed. And so far as I can see, that makes it the perfect traveller's tool. So long as it's functional, that is.

I've had a little play with the XP-based Eee PC here at CeBIT, and having returned to my comparitively huge 12in ultraportable, I'm keen for more hands-on time. The Eee PC I got my grubby claws around had a gig of RAM, and seemed to work just fine, thankyou very much. Very much like, oooh, a proper computer should. Admittedly I did no more than flick about the OS, but it was responsive and easy to use.

I. Want. One.

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