Eighties computer brand Apricot has returned to the UK, unveiling the new PicoBook Pro netbook at last night's Digital Winter event in London.

Apricot had some success in the British PC market 25 years ago after launching its first microcomputer in 1982. Subsequent computers included the Apricot PC and the Apricot F1. According to Wikipedia, Apricot was also the first manufacturer to build a system to incorporate the Intel 486 microprocessor. However, after being bought by Mitsubishi in the 90s, the company fell off the radar.

But now Apricot Computers is back with 8.9in netbook which runs either Novell Suse Enterprise or Windows XP Home and costs £279 inc VAT.

Weighing less than 1kg, the PicoBook Pro includes a 1.8in 60GB hard disk and 1GB of RAM. A spokesperson for the company said the netbook has a 4-hour battery life, which makes the system ideal for the professional end of the market.

Apricot is taking orders for the PicoBook Pro on its website now, and said the netbook should ship by the end of the month.

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