Let’s face it most laptops look exactly the same, there’s nothing much to differentiate them from each other. Even the very latest designs and styles are anonymous when you put them next to older machines. So, how would you make your laptop stand out from the crowd and add a bit of individuality to your machine?

Covering your laptop with stickers is one way to make your laptop more individual to you, but finding the right ones can be tricky and after a while they begin to look a bit tatty. With stickers you can’t change your mind either.

Some manufacturers have started to make it easier to customise the everyday mundane standard laptops with removable lids that allow you to change your laptop design to suit your mood.

The advantage to these is that they are custom made for your laptop and fit perfectly. This means that the custom lid fits just like the one that came with your laptop. Some options, like Dell’s Switch Lids, offer more than just a few simple colours. A host of different designs are available and you can swap and change them easily. The lid slides across the top of the laptop and locks into place. As long as you ensure that you’ve got the right type for your PC and that you order the right size, fitting the lids takes mere seconds.

Giving your laptop a fresh new look or making it match your personality a bit more closely than the standard grey or black you usually get is easy. Interchangeable laptop lids let you refresh the design of your computer without having to actually buy a new computer. They are a fun way to customise and personalise you computer.

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