Today at IFA in Berlin Acer officially unveiled the new thin and light Aspire S3 Ultrabook. We've already brought you our first impressions with photographs and a video but after today's event we can add a few details.

Acer says that the new Ultrabook segment represents "convergence on experience" and talks about it under the headline "ultra-slim, instant on, instant connect". This refers to the Aspire S3 being 13.3mm thin on the leading edge growing to 17mm on the back, and its ability to wake quickly from sleep (in less than 2sec). It can also connect quickly to the Internet once it's woken up (in just another second or two). In our brief testing the S3 impressed us with coming on very quickly after you open it up and it even goes through a reboot with surprising speed.

Today Acer said that the Aspire S3 will start shipping first in the US and larger European countries at the end of September and in "all other countries" in October. Clearly the upcoming holiday season is important for the company but during the press conference today it claimed that the 2012 holiday season will be the real test as the Ultrabook has then been out in the market in volume for a long enough time. Presumably by then the S3 has been superseded by some other model.

We also learned today that Acer will apparently miss the sub-$1,000 mark set by Intel when it announced the Ultrabook concept earlier this year. Acer said that the S3 will range in price from 799 to 1199 euros, which would mean around $1,138 to $1,708. Acer commented that there would be a price difference in different markets but it would seem unlikely it would fluctuate that much so it could reach below $1,000.

This would presumably mean the Core i7 model with SSD that we tried would fall in the higher end of that range. We look forward to spending some more time with the Acer Aspire S3 as and when it's provided to us.