Acer plans to release new products in the second or third quarter of this year aimed at ultra-mobility and the low-cost segment of the PC market, according to chairman JT Wang.

The Acer representative declined to provide further details on what kind of devices the company may launch, but local media in Taiwan speculate that Acer is planning an ultra-low cost laptop to compete against Asustek's Eee PC laptop.

Asus Eee PC review

Asustek created the Eee PC to sell in emerging markets such as China and India. It carries an Intel Celeron processor, weighs less than a kilogram, has a 7in LCD and can connect to the internet wirelessly. The lowest-priced version costs £229 in the UK.

The Eee PC has garnered so much attention for Asustek, which forecast it will sell 3.8 million of the devices this year, that many of its fellow Taiwanese competitors are developing rival devices. Taiwan's MSI has said it's working on an ultra-low cost laptop that will use an extremely low voltage, low-cost microprocessor from Intel called Diamondville. Intel has said it will formally unveil the new chip at the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai this April.