More than nine in ten (92 percent) Brits believe that taking a laptop on holiday won't cause arguments with other family members, says

Research conducted by the software download service, in conjunction with YouGov, revealed that 13 percent of UK holidaymakers take their laptop whenever they go away. Men are more likely to actually work while on holiday, with 9 percent admitting they use their laptop for business purposes when they should be relaxing, compared to just four percent of women.

However, just five percent of Brits will choose using recreational software, such as games, on their laptop over reading a book.

Furthermore, while nearly a third are aware of travel and translation apps on mobile devices, only six percent said they make use of these apps when on holiday, despite 39 percent claiming to be embarrassed if they can't speak the local language when on holiday.

"While holiday is often a time to leave work behind and maybe even switch off the mobile, technology can enhance our holiday time with useful travel guides, language learning and translation apps available for laptops and mobiles," said Dirk Lebzien from Softwareload.

"Our research shows that people are comfortable with their partner bringing their laptop computer on holiday with them, and thankfully few people are choosing work when on vacation."

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