With around nine out of 10 computers running one version of Windows or another it's clear that PCs are more popular than Macs, right? Just to be sure we've put together eight compelling real reasons why your next computer should be a PC and not a Mac.

When it comes to computers, there's no doubt that PCs are better than Apple Macs. Okay, so working on PC Advisor may make us slightly biased, but consumers are showing their love for PCs because around nine out of 10 computers are running one version of Windows or another.

That's not to say that there aren't plenty of real reasons to select a computer that runs Windows, even after you've investigated all your options. So I've put together a list of the eight most compelling reasons to buy a computer whose operating system hails from Redmond. I've ranked them in order of importance as I see it. But as always with anything relating to technology, your priorities are almost certainly at least somewhat different than mine.

Just to be fair I've also put together 8 reasons why a Mac is better than a PC. So take a look at both features and then make up your own mind.

1. Variety is the spice of computing

You can buy a portable Windows computer that weighs less than 1kg and slips in your pocket or one with a spectacular 18.4in display that stretches the definition of 'portable'. Some Windows computers are lean and mean; others are loaded with features.

There are ones for hardcore gamers, for fashionistas, and for people who hate to type. In short, you can almost certainly find a Windows PC aimed at you - and usually a bunch of them competing for your money. By contrast, Apple has a grand total of nine different Mac models, none of which cater to specialised audiences.

2. The cost of admission is lower

The Windows world offers plenty of PCs at every price point, including the low ones that Apple ignores as a matter of principle. The cheapest Mac laptop, for instance, costs £719, but there are hundreds of Windows laptops that cost less than that.

3. Windows PCs have worthwhile features that Macs don't

Apple has popularised more important hardware innovations than any other company, from the mouse to Wi-Fi. At the moment, though, it steers clear of multiple useful features that its Windows-based rivals have embraced.

With Windows systems, for instance, built-in memory-card readers are standard, and HDMI connectors for easy HDTV hookups are becoming so. Wireless broadband, built-in TV tuners, and Blu-ray are all reasonably affordable options. In Macland, you can get some of those features only through third-party add-ons. And others you simply must do without.

4. The more software the merrier

If you want to perform a task that computers are capable of helping you perform - from keeping track of your watch collection to managing a pet store - a Windows application will help you do it. Usually several of 'em, including ones that cost little or no money in many cases.

That's because most companies and individuals that write software choose to do so for the platform that offers them far more potential customers than any other. Third-party Mac programs are often terrific, but there are simply fewer of them, especially in exotic categories.

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