More than half (58 percent) of Brits think laptops will become obsolete in the near future, says

Research of more 1,900 web users by the comparison site revealed UK web users believe portable computers will be replaced with tablet PCs. More than two thirds (69 percent) of those surveyed own a laptop, while 47 percent of those also said they have a tablet PC.

More than a third (36 percent) said they use their laptop every day compared to 62 percent of tablet PC owners who use their device every day.

Of those that believe laptops will become obsolete, 44 percent said it will be within five years, while just over one in five (21 percent) said laptops would disappear within the next ten years and 16 percent believe it'll take 20 years.

"It's actually amazing to think how far technology has come in the last ten years. If you had suggested then that people though laptops would become obsolete, no-one would have believed you! The rise of the iPad and other tablets does make it hard for laptops to compete in the same market," said Mark Pearson, Chairman of

"I'm not all that surprised to find out that people think laptops will become obsolete, however I doubt it will be as soon as within the next five years. While tablet computers are great for doing the majority of things, I think a lot of people prefer to work on laptops and desktop computers."

Pearson also said the memory on a tablet was also an issue.

"whether they would ever be able to hold as much as a normal computer, although likely in the future, is anyone's guess right now."