Just over half (46 percent) of Brits have a back-up of their laptop or mobile phone says Absolute Software.

Research by the data protection firm revealed that despite 40 percent admitted to having lost a device or having had it stolen and 40 percent claiming they're worried about losing personal data, 46 percent still don't back-up their devices.

Furthermore, over a third (36 percent) admitted they'd lost data and personal information, however four percent said they were unaware if they'd lost any data. Although, 97 percent say they try and protect their devices and data with passwords.

"Now more than ever, digital devices such as mobile phones and laptops are our lifelines. We use them daily for engaging with friends and colleagues, paying bills, checking our bank balances, online dating – the list is endless," said Dave Everitt, general manager, EMEA at Absolute Software.

"It's crazy that the UK public are not taking the time to protect their precious data and almost impossible to think of the true cost of the information that's lost on these devices."

In a bid to educated Brits on the need for back-ups and security of devices, Absolute Software has created a digital net worth calculator that helps users work-out just how much the data on the devices is worth.

"It gives some idea of the cost of burying their heads in the sand on protecting data," added Everitt.