Could it really be true that YouTube has made it impossible for residents of the UK to sign up? That’s the shocking finding of PC Advisor forum users, who have been trying to register, but are thwarted by a simple registration glitch.

When trying to “Create Your YouTube Account”, users fill in their email address, password (twice to make sure they haven’t messed up), and username (better check it, as it will inevitably have already been taken). They then select “United Kingdom” as their location, indicate their Date of Birth and Gender, and type in one of those warped words to prove they’re not some spammer’s robot. Tick to agree to the Terms of Use, and click “Create my account”.

That’s as far as anyone is going to get, as YouTube then fires back the message: “Please select a valid post code”. See screenshot.

Trouble is, there’s no box for people to enter their post code. There is if you state your location as “United States”. But none for the UK. We've tried it on various browsers and platforms (Mac, Windows, etc). No go.

So if you want to sign up to YouTube and you live in the UK, you have to lie and pretend to have a US Zip code.

That doesn’t strike me as a very sound way of gathering accurate user information – one of the reasons that Google shelled out over a billion dollars for it.

Shouldn’t we expect better from online behemoths such as YouTube and Google? Don’t they test these things?

We have contacted YouTube's press office, and await their reply.

UPDATE! Following PC Advisor pointing out this error, Google has now corrected its site registration.