YouTube is hosting its first annual video awards show to showcase the talent of those uploading videos to the site.

The awards are organized into seven categories which were selected on the basis of the most popular genres of content on the site last year. These categories include most creative, best comedy and musician of the year.

The nominees in each category are shown in a gallery on the YouTube site. Visitors will then be able to cast their vote on their favourite.

Nominees include well-know vloggers Paul Robinett and Peter Oakley and comedy clips from Barats and Bereta. The band OK Go is also nominated for its well-known music video featuring choreographed dance moves on treadmills. Those nominated can also create and upload new content to YouTube to promote themselves.

Members of the YouTube community will be able to vote until Friday. Each of the winners that are announced on 25 March will feature prominently on YouTube and receive a trophy on the 26 March.