Web users are over-estimating how much their personal information is worth to cybercriminals, says Symantec.

Research by the security firm revealed that on average Brits think that their personal data is worth between £50 and £1,000.

However, Symantec says cybercriminals are selling on stolen credit card numbers for as little as 4p each, while email addresses and passwords sell for between 5p and £60 and the going rate for a complete identity is £45.

Symantec also said that an identitiy is stolen online every three seconds and 16 percent of Brits don't know if they have been affected by cybercrime.

A quarter of web users revealed that they had been the victim of cybercrime, yet only 36 percent of web users are protected against online crime.

"Many victims never realise their computers are being used by cybercriminals, but the harmful effects still impact on all of us - zombie computers are the main source of online fraud, spam and other scams on the internet today", said Professor Lillian Edwards, internet law specialist at Sheffield University.

"At the heart of this issue are the cybercriminals making a fortune online, and the victims they leave behind. You don't have to be a victim," added Orla Cox, security expert, Symantec. Cox also urged web users to stay vigilant when surfing the web.

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