Initial (and uncharacteristic) joy broke out on the PC Advisor subbing desk this morning when it emerged that a company selling spellchecker software – the technology that will one day take our jobs – made a mistake in a press release.

Joy turned back to ennui, however, when it occurred to us that this is probably some sort of sick PR stunt designed to hoover up column inches in popular technology blogs. You know, like that Barry Scott advert that (it turned out) had been made deliberately badly so that horrible ironic twentysomethings would laugh about it round their watercooler.


We live in a world where being able to write correctly is almost something to be ashamed of; a world in which each tomato owns 20p and nobody knows what the semi-colon is for. Is it really beyond the realms of possibility that a spellchecker firm might make a deliberate mistake to get in the press, then blame it on its PR company ("It's certainly egg on the face of this public relations person," said one stooge involved)?

We're probably just being paranoid. But if there's one thing we've learned in this life (other than the correct use of the word 'infer'), it's this: the spellchecker is evil, and will stop at nothing in its quest to take over the world.

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