Yahoo has teamed up with Gracenote, a provider of CD and digital track identification services, to publish the correct lyrics to hundreds of thousands of songs. And not before time.

News - Yahoo Music offers free song lyrics

As someone who shares an abode with, well, a lyrically challenged lady, I've been desperate for an OED (Oxford English Dictionary), Britannica or PC Advisor-style ultimate reference tome to turn to in times of dispute. That way the next time Mrs Matt tries to convince me that Dean Martin thinks the moon hitting the sky like a bigger pizza pie is rum (only), I'll have something other than my own irritability to fall back on.

Yahoo is going to publish the lyrics from 400,000 songs, comprising the catalogues of five large record companies. Hopefully this will allow me to convince my better half that Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers were not, in fact, huge fans of 'Ireland's industry'.

And there's something in it for the poor, digitally harassed artists, too.

All those dodgy Google-search lyrics sites, typed in with one finger by bedroom DJs, fail to pay royalties to song-writers. Yahoo, Gracenote and the record behemoths hope that by licensing lyrics they can cut the talented bods a slice of the pie. And at least Yahoo's database will be accurate (although I suspect that some of our more chemically enhanced popstars may be the last people to know their own lyrics).

So, once again the internet is being put to its correct use - the cataloguing of miscellany for drunken students. But before we enter this brave new world of correct lyrics, does anyone have any amusing mishearings they'd like to share? Anything to help me convince the future Mrs Egan that in Madonna's beat-pop tune 'Erotica', the Anglophile popstral is not asking Bill Oddie to put his twitching hands all over her age-defying body.

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