Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0 will launch in beta for consumers in the UK and 12 other countries around the world on Friday. Update: Yahoo reassures mobile phone operators

The localised beta version of Yahoo Go 2.0 will be available for more than 200 different mobile phones by the end of July and that will expand to more than 400 by end of year. It will also be pre-loaded on new devices from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG and HTC that begin rolling out later this year.

Yahoo says that Go for Mobile 2.0 is "an innovative new application that redefines the mobile internet experience". Go for Mobile 2.0 includes much improved mobile search and allows user to personalise internet content.

Yahoo claims that mobile internet search will be fully localised for users in around the world, including the UK, and Canada, France and Germany, as well as other European countries and great swathes of the far east.

Yahoo believes that Go for Mobile 2.0 will make mobile web search faster than ever before. Email has been improved, so mobile phone users can open more types of attachments, including PDFs and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents.

Yahoo also says that Go for Mobile 2.0 allows user to search their Yahoo Address Book contacts to call or even get driving directions with one-click.

“We believe that Yahoo Go will be a catalyst for broader adoption of the mobile internet,” said Marco Boerries, executive vice president, Connected Life Division, of Yahoo.

“People want easy access to the internet on their mobile phones, and Yahoo Go 2.0 offers content, access and answers wherever you are.”

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