Yahoo yesterday unveiled several enhancements to its Yahoo Finance site, which plays in a crowded market where competitors include Microsoft, Time Warner, TD Ameritrade, FMR's Fidelity Investments and Google.

Yahoo Finance, the most popular site of its kind in the US, according to Hitwise, now has improved stock charts, a video news service and a new content syndication system.

Yahoo Finance has made its stock charts more interactive, letting users note on them when major events, such as splits, happened, and to overlay graphs from competitors.

Meanwhile, Yahoo also introduced Finance Badge, a program to let third-party websites publish charts, quotes and news headlines from Yahoo Finance. Finance Badge is a free program and requires what Yahoo describes as a 'simple' sign-up process.

Another enhancement is the launch of a video news service featuring clips from providers such as ABC, CNN and Forbes.

As of May, Yahoo Finance ranked as the most popular financial news and information website in the US in Hitwise's two categories for business and finance sites.

Google entered this market in March and won praise from industry observers for some innovative features, including its interactive charts, but, as of May, Google Finance hadn't come close to breaking into the top 10 most popular of its kind in the US, according to Hitwise.

In Hitwise's Business Information category, Yahoo Finance captured almost 35 percent of all visits in May, while MSN Money came in a distant second with a little over 13 percent, followed by Time Warner's CNN Money, MarketWatch and the US Internal Revenue Service. Google Finance ranked 42nd.

In the Stocks and Shares category, Yahoo Finance grabbed 24.3 percent of all visits in May, followed by MSN Money with a little over 9 percent, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity Investments and CNN Money. Google Finance ranked 58th, according to Hitwise.