Every virtual soldier knows that you see some bad things when you're out on a quest in World of Warcraft. Alas, there's always an orc who takes things too far.

World of Warcraft software company Blizzard Entertainment is often called upon to moderate on odd situations in the online role-playing game. It's not unusual to see, er, rude things. And Blizzard has now disbanded an erotic role-playing guild.

The World of Warcraft guild Abhorrent Taboo is accused of engaging in extreme sexual situations without verifying that its members are 18 or older. I should probably point out that these were virtual extreme sexual practices. And yes, that's an odd sentence to type.

Abhorrent Taboo used to attract gamers through ERP (Erotic Roleplay). Now, this may be off the point, but I can just about get on board with the fact that people play at being elves for kicks. And I can even raise a wry smile that some of these Poindexters make up for years of beatings outside Games Exchange by getting all the sex online (albeit by grinding an avatar up against another sad case). But the fact that there's an acronym for such oddball practices makes me physically sick. What is happening to our beautiful language?

In an online game the size of World of Warcraft, exposure to unsolicited ERP is an occupational hazard, albeit a very limited one. As a consequence most upstanding, right-thinking elves and orcs simply put up with it. Like pretty girls in the City, they accept the unsolicited attentions of hideous lifeforms.

But Abhorrent Taboo lived up to its name by advertising itself as the home of such rude practices as weeing on each other, simulating childbirth (!) and, well, being very, very naughty boys (and girls). And then failing to check that its members were of an age to be involved in such eye-watering filth.

Blizzard has stepped in to restore order, which is good. But I can't help but be slightly disappointed that it didn't instead create a guild of baseball cap-wearing tabloid readers to go out and start a campaign against the WoW paedos. This would culminate in two elderly orcs being hounded out of an elvish council estate, a rash of virtual naval gazing and an impassioned debate about online castration featuring leaders of all the major guilds, on World of Warcraft Question Time.