Are you at work? If so, are you bored? Sure?

A new survey by the cash-obsessed people at suggests that workers waste about 20% of their day doing things like browsing the Internet and mucking about on sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

An online survey of 2,057 US employees found that about six in every 10 workers admit to wasting time at work with the average employee wasting 1.7 hours of a typical 8.5 hour working day.

Personal Internet use topped the list as the leading time-wasting activity according to 34% of respondents, with 20.3% then listing socializing with co-workers and 17% conducting personal business as taking up time.

18% of respondents questioned by email in June and July 2007 said boredom and not having enough to do was the main reason for office idling.

Of course, reading PC Advisor is a great cure for boredom and will be looked on kindly by all employers.


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