The majority of women who use social media including Facebook and Twitter say they're addicted to them, says the Oxygen Media Insights Group.

Research by the firm the focuses on TV and websites for women revealed that more than half (57 percent) of the women polled said they communicate with people more online than they do face to face, and 39 percent people called themselves Facebook addicts.

Furthermore, more than a third (34 percent) of those between 18 and 34 said checking Facebook is the first thing they do in the morning even before brushing their teeth or using the bathroom.

Even more surprising is the 26 percent of women 18 to 34 who get up in the middle of the night to read text messages and the 21 percent who confessed to checking Facebook during the night.

According to the survey, 31 percent of those polled said they are more confident about their online personas than they are about their real-life selves. Nearly two in five (19 percent) said they've gotten into arguments with loved ones about how much time they spend using their mobile phones.

A full 37 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 34 reported falling asleep with their PDA in their hands.

Nearly two thirds (63 percent) say they use Facebook as a career networking tool, although it could be detrimental to their career as 42 percent of women reported that they think it's OK to post photos of themselves visibly intoxicated on social networking sites.

The study also noted that while only 44 percent of women 18 to 34 trust Facebook with their private information while 56 percent of Twitter users think it's OK to tweet their current location.

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