DIY website builder Wizz-It is offering 500 UK businesses a customised domain name and the chance to build their own website for free for two months.

The company's 'British Business? Begin Online!' campaign has been inspired by RaceOnline 2012, a number of proposals set out by UK Digital Champion and founder of Martha Lane Fox, in a bid to get the 9.2 million Brits that are currently offline net access before the end of the current parliament.

It is thought some 1.5 million UK businesses are currently 'unconnected'. Kinvara Corbett, Wizz-IT's managing director, believes time, difficulty and cost are three key reasons is why some many UK firms don't have an online presence.

However, by providing unconnected UK companies with the use of a customised domain name for a two month period, Corbett hopes firms will be able to reap the benefits of increasing their company awareness in addition to directing their pre-established customers to their brand new professional website, which will not feature any advertising. Furthermore, firms will not be required to register their card details, so there's no likelihood of them being accidentally charged should they not wish to continue at the end of the free trial.

For more information, visit Wizz-It's dedicated web page.