London has been named as one of the world's free wi-fi hotspot hotspots. The capital may have beaten Paris to host the 2012 Olympics, but when it comes to free wireless connectivity, the French have us by a nose.

Though we shouldn't sniff at coming second - not least because Brighton is also in the free wi-fi top three - it seems a crying shame that the rest of the country isn't also high up the league table. After all, even us southerners have to travel about a bit sometimes.

Press release:

Paris, London and Dublin named best cities in Europe for free Wi-Fi.

Dublin, Ireland - October 25, 2005: announced today the Top 10 European cities for free wireless Internet access. Paris came in first with more than 80 free HotSpots, followed by London, Dublin, Barcelona, Brighton, Munich, Amsterdam, Vienna, Marseille and Cologne.

"We are excited that so many European cities offer free Wi-Fi access" said Daniel, C. Toomey, Jr.,'s Chief Executive Officer, who went on to say "Free Wi-Fi is here and is expanding rapidly. We remain committed to putting Europe at the forefront of this trend and are working to establish free Wi-Fi service in restaurants, cafés, pubs and other public locations throughout Europe."

To see the full listing of Europe's top cities for free Wi-Fi access and to find a free HotSpot near you log on and visit

About Wi-Fi and HotSpots:
Wi-Fi, also known as 802.11 or wireless networking, is the simple, wireless way to handle networking. With Wi-Fi, computers can be wirelessly connected anywhere. HotSpots are connection points for Wi-Fi networks. Each HotSpot is created with a small box, containing an 802.11 radio that can simultaneously talk to up to 100 802.11 cards, which is hardwired into the Internet. Wi-Fi hotspots are now available in public places like restaurants, hotels, libraries and airports. Traditionally, users have had to pay for access to public HotSpots. Free public HotSpots are now becoming widely available through companies such as