Editing your own entry on Wikipedia is low, but you'd be surprised how many people do it. The Wikipedia Scanner has produced a hall of shame of companies that have been editing Wikipedia to massage their image.

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The Wikipedia Scanner trawls through Wikipedia and has dug up a catalogue of miscreants massaging entries.

Catholic saints have had entries tweaked, although I suppose we can't blame them. But drones in Labour's Millbank headquarters deleting a piece about 'careerist' Labour Students is a bit wiffy. And it may not be shocking that CIA operatives have been sprung editing entries such as the biographies of former presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, but it's not nice.

However, the biggest culprit - according to Wikipedia Scanner - is Diebold, a supplier of voting machines. The company was criticised in the wake of the disputed US presidential results in 2000, but if Diebold workers had their way, you wouldn't read about it on Wikipedia.

The change, made in 2005, was quickly reversed and the culprit warned off.