The number of minutes spent surfing the web using a Wi-Fi connection has doubled since last year, says BT.

According to the ISP, figures for April to September this year are 100 percent up on those for the same period in 2007.

During this period in 2008, BT users spent more than a million minutes every day accessing the web via a Wi-Fi connection, totalling around 8 million minutes a week. In September, BT also recorded a record-breaking week that saw 10 million minutes spent accessing a web through a Wi-Fi connection.

According to BT, an increase in the Wi-Fi products on the market has lead to the increase in time spent accessing the web via a Wi-Fi connection.

Dave Hughes, director, BT wireless broadband, said: "It's great to see users embracing broadband on the move. The choice of places to connect is getting better and better."