'Why are England so bad at football?', was the question most asked by web users this year, says Ask Jeeves.

Research by the search engine revealed that 18,000 posed World Cup-related questions to Ask Jeeves this summer, with the majority focussing on England's dismal performance during the tournament.

'Is the X Factor fixed?', 'What is the Government going to cut next?' and 'Who is Justin Bieber?' were among the next most-asked questions, according to the search engine.

Ask Jeeves said it plans to reveal the top 20 queries of 2010 on its Facebook page throughout December, beginning on Thursday 2nd December.

The search engine is also asking social networkers to respond to and comment on the questions, alongside a number of 'experts' including Comedian Matt Crosby, TV critic Kevin O'Sullivan and Mirror Sport's Darren Lewis.

"Obviously with the volume of enquiries we receive on a daily basis it would be impossible to talk about all of them, so we have chosen to pick out some of the more prominent and frequent questions posed by Brits," said Nadia Kelly, spokesperson for the website.

"As one of the biggest football supporting nations, it is only natural Brits would focus their attentions on the success of the World Cup, as well as the behaviour of England's players over the past year. And for one reason or another, the footballers have provided us with plenty to talk about with their antics both on the pitch, and off it."

Ask Jeeves said it receives 360,000 direct questions and an average 1.8 million queries every day.

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