Tell us your favourite blog - and why - and you could get your name in PC Advisor, or even win a great prize!

Many thanks to the readers who suggested their favourite music-streaming and -download sites for our new Readers' Sites section. Last FM, recommended by PCA forum member Bingalau, won the Editor's Choice award for our May issue. He wins a copy of Magix MP3 Maker 12.0 for his troubles. Congratulations Bingalau!

For the June issue, we'd love to hear your blog recommendations. Whose weblogs make you smile, laugh or think, and why? What do you enjoy about them: the writing style, the concept, the design? Or is it simply that they update regularly? Recommendations (including what you love about your site) can be added to this thread, added to this blog (please leave contact details) or emailed to [email protected].

Once again, many thanks for your input!