The Network World (US) story "What the cloud really means for your IT job," posted on Tuesday, misidentified the location of Underwriters Laboratories, the size of its staff and the number of businesses that receive its inspection and certification services. It also misidentified the nature of an IT investment area for the company. The story has been corrected on the wire and paragraphs eight and 10 now read:

Take the example of Underwriters Laboratories in Illinois, a 9,000-person company that provides third-party inspection and certification services to more than 67,000 businesses around the world with its trademark UL symbol.

The migration to the cloud took about eight weeks and it created an almost immediate shift in the firm's IT needs. UL no longer needed workers to manage its communications platform, email servers and chat functions. Despite cutting in those areas, Anschuetz says his investments in cloud personnel have tripled since the cloud adoption.