A Pennsylvania woman has been sentenced to five years of probation, including six months of home detention, and forfeiture of her computer after pleading guilty to obscenity charges for running a website that featured text stories that were sexual and violent in nature.

Karen Fletcher, 56, owned and operated the website, Red Rose Stories, which featured stories describing sexual molestation and violence against children. Other stories included torture, rape and murder of children, and Fletcher sold memberships to her site, where members could get full stories, the US Department of Justice said.

Fletcher, using the pen name Red Rose, wrote most of the stories herself, the DOJ said. Some of the stories were available as audio files, but the site didn't include photos, according to press reports.

Fletcher reportedly was abused as a child and started the site as a form of therapy, according to news reports.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation ordered the site closed in late 2005. Some constitutional lawyers questioned the prosecution of Fletcher, saying many pieces of popular literature have contained similar descriptions of abuse or murder.