Three quarters of illegal file sharers would stop if they were warned about their activity by their ISP, says Entertainment Media Research (EMR).

Research into the digital habits of consumers by the company revealed that 51 percent of the UK source their music through legal downloads but of the 49 percent that took part in illegal downloading, 58 percent were aged 13-17. Of those questioned, 61 percent also claimed they thought their ISP was already monitoring their online activity.

A number of ISPs, including Virgin Media have already begun issuing warning letters to any customers they believe are illegally filesharing. However, there has been some doubts about how effective this process will be in detering music piracy.

Russell Hart, chief executive of Entertainment Media Research told the BBC: "It is quite evident that an ISP-led strategy has bite, because illegal downloaders are fairly convinced that ISPs are currently monitoring their activities and are more likely to act against them than the courts."

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